Carewater Limited
Hill House, Thurloxton
Taunton, Somerset TAX2 8RF
Tel/Fax: 01823 412683
Carewater Industrial Water Treatment
Carewater is a south west of England based company, established in 1994, that specialises in industrial water treatment.This includes advise, treatment chemicals, closing equipment, specialist services and legionella control.

We provide water treatment for industrial and commercial customers who operate such systems as steam boilers, CHP plant, heating and chilled water systems, evaporative cooling towers and general water services. Within this area there is a requirement to comply with the appropriate British Standard or health and Safety legislation. Carewater can supply specialist personnel or advise on and provide training and ongoing operational management systems for in-house operational staff to ensure that these Standards are maintained.

We undertake contract water and effluent treatment for a number of large water users in the South of England and South Wales. These include NHS Hospitals, Government Buildings, Hotels, Food Processors and general manufacturers.
We take pride in our flexible approach to our customers and our commitment to good service. This has resulted in very good long-standing relationships with our clients.

Carewater also provides the following services to allow clients to meet the requirements of L8, the Health and Safety ACOP and guidance on legionella.

  • Risk Assessments and documentation
  • Water tank and system cleaning and chlorination
  • H&C water monitoring and inspection services
  • Water testing and log book documentation
  • Chemical treatment of water and effluent
  • Supply of closing and control systems
Carewater is a registered and audited company with the legionella Control Association and complies with the recommended code of conduct for service providers registration scheme. The Health & Safety Executive guidance on Legionella advises utilising LCA member companies.

Contact: Hendrick Coombs - Director
Company Reg. No. 2897760. Reg office as above